Investment Office Speaks on Future of Türkiye’s Tech-Driven Investments

​​Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu was featured during a webinar entitled “Future of Türkiye’s Technology Investment” that was organized by the Turkish Heritage Organization on June 22. 

Digital Transformation Office President Ali Taha Koç also attended the webinar alongside Dağlıoğlu. During the course of the webinar, the two speakers were asked about improvements in the digital world and investments in Türkiye’s technology sector.
After briefing the attendees about Türkiye’s post-COVID-19 investment environment, Dağlıoğlu then answered technology-oriented questions. When asked whether Türkiye attracted venture capital investments in the technology s​ector, Dağlıoğlu responded:  “Over the years, Türkiye has proven to be an attractive investment destination where private equity investors can realize a full cycle of investing in and divesting from an enterprise.” He pointed to examples of venture capital investments made in the technology sector, such as Trendyol, Opsgenie, Iyzico, Insider, Foriba, Gram Games, Peak Games, Payguru, and Natro, noting that some of those had been recently realized in spite of the pandemic.

Speaking about the government’s efforts to launch new incentives and reforms to attract more investors to Türkiye, Dağlıoğlu said: “As the global supply networks are being reorganized and relocated due to the disruption caused the pandemic, we are not waiting for investors to come to Türkiye. We are developing new strategies on how to raise awareness among investors about our comparative advantages and the capabilities for investors to reposition some of their international operations to Türkiye.”  
Image of Investment Office Meeting