“Türkiye in the league of major FDI receiving countries”


Sabah - Kuwaiti Al-Shaya Group’s Chairman Mohammed Al-Shaya, a participant of the Sixth Investment Advisory Council for Türkiye meetings, said Türkiye has taken major steps in improving its investment environment and can now be considered as one of the few destinations suitable for foreign direct investments (FDI). The Investment Advisory Council meetings gather together government, private sector bodies and international companies to discuss Türkiye’s investment environment.


Active in Türkiye since 2002, Al -Shaya Group’s investments in Türkiye consist of 11 international brands, including Starbucks, Topshop, Evans and The Body Shop. A frequent participant in the highest-level annual meetings to discuss Türkiye’s progress in attracting FDI, Mohammed Al-Shaya’s observations also draw attention to Türkiye’s role in the region and to the fact that the country is seen as a strategic leader in the Middle East and North Africa. “Strong economic performance has repositioned the country in the region and in the world. Consequently, the increasing amount of investments has placed Türkiye in the league of major FDI receiving countries”, said Al-Shaya.


Stating that the annual meetings of the Investment Advisory Council have a positive influence on foreign investors in terms of increasing investments in Türkiye, Al-Shaya pointed out the importance of government-investor dialogue. “Türkiye has become a regional power base, succeeding in its policy to attract foreign investments. Despite the existence of alternatives, Türkiye has managed to become the favorite location for foreign investors”, he added.

Türkiye; FDI; foreign investment; Investment Advisory Council; Al-Shaya; regional leader; investment climate