Türkiye's Is Bankasi among world’s top 100 banking brands


AA - Türkiye's Is Bankasi has announced that it secured 91st place in the list of “World’s Top 500 Banking Brands”, a yearly report prepared by The Banker magazine assessing the world’s various banks in terms of their brand value.


According to the statement issued by Is Bankasi, the bank is ranked in the 91st place with a brand value of USD 1.662 billion in The Banker magazine’s  February 2010 edition. The bank's brand value was estimated at USD 1.208 billion in 2008.


The bank currently operates with 1,067 domestic and 14 overseas branches.


Is Bankasi shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and the London Stock Exchange, while the bank's market capitalization comes fourth among private corporations in Türkiye.