Labeau Establishes Orchid Production Laboratory in Türkiye

​​Labeau has kicked off construction of a state-of-the-art laboratory for orchid production in the northwestern Turkish city of Çanakkale. As the sixth in the Labeau series, this significant laboratory aims to produce 25 to 30 million Phalaenopsis plants and will be the largest laboratory within the Labeau group.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, which received substantial support from the Investment Office, along with other official institutions, local authorities delivered speeches emphasizing the investment's significant contribution to the region's economic development. Slated for completion in February 2025, the laboratory will be under the leadership of a female management team from Lebeau, aiming to employ more than 200 full-time workers and striving for an 80 percent female employment ratio.

With the addition of the laboratory in Çanakkale, Türkiye becomes the sixth location for Labeau's orchid tissue culture. In addition to facilities in Germany, Belgium, the United States, and Slovakia, Türkiye not only provides the company with the necessary additional production capacity but also serves as a strategic trade center.

With over a century of experience and holding the title of being the second-largest production company for Phalaenopsis globally, Labeau promises to be an advanced, sustainable facility with a strong focus on the future.
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