Lohmann Engages Manufacturing Facility in Gebze

German Lohmann, one of the top adhesive solution providers globally, opened its first Turkish manufacturing facility in the Gebze Plastikçiler Organized Industrial Zone.


Speaking at the opening, Lohmann CEO Elmar Boeke said that as a company delivering adhesive solutions across the globe, Lohmann is delighted to have entered the Turkish market. “We believe that Lohmann will see great success in Türkiye on the back of the country’s ever-growing economic strength and surging domestic market,” he stressed.


Lohmann will benefit from Türkiye’s strategic location as a regional center and an export hub. The company is set to ship Made in Türkiye products to various markets, particularly in the Middle East. The company has been operational in Türkiye with a sales office since 2011, and it is planning to triple its revenues by the end of 2020.

Image of Inauguration of the German Lohmann