M&A Activity in Türkiye Hits USD 9 Billion in 2020

​​​Deloitte Türkiye published its "Annual Turkish M&A Review 2020" report on January 4.

Accordingly, M&A activity in Türkiye in 2020 restored confidence with increasing deal volume and deal number. Total M&A deal volume was around USD 9 billion through all-time high 304 transactions, indicating a y-o-y growth of 70 percent and 30 percent in terms of deal volume and deal number, respectively.

Increase in deal volume was driven by the first unicorn transaction closed in the Turkish M&A history and the transactions of the Türkiye Wealth Fund. The weight of early-stage M&As backed by venture capital firms and angel investors in total M&A activity continued to increase, with 44 percent of the total deal number."

Also, foreign investors' deal volume increased by 35 percent, accounting for 52 percent of the total annual transaction volume and the average transaction volume stood at USD 30 million. ​​

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