Mitsubishi to Cross-produce with Renault in Türkiye

​Renault Group announced a win-win strategy, dialing up the alliance with the carmaker Mitsubishi.

According to a communiqué released on April 5th, 2022, Renault's chief communicator Emmanuel Genty said, “Mitsubishi Motors will bolster its line-up in Europe through locally producing two of its cars in Renault Group plants. The new ASX and the new Colt, both to go on sale on 2023, will use the modular CMF-B platform and build off some of Renault's best sellers. Yet another illustration of the Alliance's win-win' strategy to help make the brands even more competitive." The new Colt is expected to be based on the Clio's CMF-B platform and produced in Bursa, Türkiye. 

Quoted by Automotive News Europe, Mitsubishi commented on its new Colt model, hoping it would “significantly increase Mitsubishi Motors' market coverage in core European segments". The new supermini will slot between the smaller Mirage and the upcoming ASX SUV in the Mitsubishi line-up.
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