Number of Investment Incentive Certificates Surges in July

​​​Türkiye has set another record in the issuing of investment incentive certificates in July. 

The list of the investment incentive certificates issued by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in July was published in the Official Gazette. 

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank has announced that 1,200 certificates were prepared for those who would like to invest in Türkiye. “We have set a new record with this number. The investment appetite in the last seven months has risen by 28 percent in comparison with the last year. With the new amendments on the state incentives regime, regional incentives in Türkiye will be introduced to districts as well along with cities and this will encourage more investments throughout our country,” Minister Varank said. 

“Türkiye is expected to attract TRY 22.5 billion fixed investments and generate more than 33 thousand employment,” Minister Varank added. 

As for the sectoral distribution of these 1,200 investment projects, 57 percent of them are in the manufacturing sector, followed by 21 percent in the energy, 14 percent in the services, 4 percent in the agriculture and 4 percent in the mining. 
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