PepsiCo Launches Biomethanization Facility in Manisa in Line with Sustainability Goals

​​Investment Office Vice President Zeynel Kılınç attended the grand opening ceremony of the PepsiCo Biomethanization Facility in the Turkish province of Manisa. Alongside esteemed military and civilian leaders, Kılınç joined high-profile officials and employees from neighboring businesses who graced this momentous event.

Addressing the audience, Kılınç highlighted Türkiye's remarkable achievements in attracting FDI totaling USD 250 billion over the past two decades, leveraging a conducive environment permeated by trust and stability. He underscored the pivotal role of the energy sector, stating "The opening of this biomethanization facility marks the beginning of investments in the second century of the Republic of Türkiye, aptly termed the Century of Investment.” Kılınç was quoted as adding, “Biomethanization lays the foundation for a sustainable future, and this new facility will make a vital contribution to Türkiye’s green transformation as we work towards achieving our ambitious net zero emissions goal by 2053."

PepsiCo Türkiye General Manager Evrim Şen highlighted plans to utilize waste from various companies in the biomethanization facility. He explained, "We envision growing this project by sourcing a substantial portion of the natural gas required for our Manisa factory from biomethane produced through waste acquired from partner businesses. Through industrial symbiosis, what is considered waste by others becomes our raw material, benefiting both the environment and the circular economy," Şen elaborated.

Aligned with PepsiCo's pep+ strategy, this sustainability-oriented endeavor is projected to fulfill approximately 40 percent of the natural gas needs for PepsiCo's Manisa factory. Through converting 10,000 tons of organic waste into biomethane gas annually, the facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1,237 tons per year.

PepsiCo's Biomethanization Facility project represents a pioneering endeavor. Through collaboration with experts from Germany and Portugal, the PepsiCo Türkiye team designed the facility adhering to Industry 4.0 standards. Its automated system enables centralized technological oversight and management of every step in the process.

This project has already initiated transformative changes within PepsiCo's wider ecosystem, with a parallel initiative set for implementation at PepsiCo Portugal. Similar initiatives are planned for deployment across several other PepsiCo facilities globally. In total, PepsiCo Türkiye has invested over TRY 350 million in renewable energy resources, allocating TRY 250 million for solar panels and another TRY 100 million for the biomethanization facility.
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