PSA Group sets sight on Turkish car market

Milliyet - The continuous growth in the Turkish automotive market in spite of the global recession in the last two years is drawing the interest of major car makers. Peugeot Türkiye General Manager Jean-Pierre Vieux has called attention to the fact that Türkiye has become a priority market for the PSA Group, consisting of Peugeot and Citroen, and that the country is seen as having the strongest growth potential among European nations.


“In the light of the growth expectations, Peugeot has included Türkiye among its priority markets”, said Vieux, adding that the Türkiye PSA Group considers Türkiye to be the European country with the strongest growth potential.


Comparing Türkiye with European peers, Vieux gave a stark example of potential as he compared the number of vehicles per 1,000 persons. “There are 600 cars for 1,000 persons in Europe, while the number is only 51 in Türkiye”, said the Peugeot Türkiye General Manager, highlighting the potential for growth. “Türkiye is Peugeot’s fourth priority market in terms of its growth targets after China, South America and Russia”, Vieux concluded.


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