President Erdoğan Inaugurates Devegeçidi Bridge Linking Türkiye’s Eastern Provinces

​​“We are establishing a ground for Türkiye to achieve its goals by continually boosting its development infrastructure,” announced President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at an event held via videoconference. “Thankfully, Türkiye is moving ahead, staying the course and pursuing its own self-development agenda at a time when the rest of the world continues to bear the brunt of crises triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak,” added President Erdoğan.

Attending the inauguration ceremony of Diyarbakır-Ergani-Elazığ Road Devegeçidi Bridge and Link Roads on January 9, President Erdoğan emphasized that Türkiye will continue investing in infrastructure projects to realize its goals in the long run. 

Pivoting to the satellite launched into orbit and the indigenously manufactured helicopter engine – two crucial projects recently commissioned in Türkiye – President Erdoğan said, “We are gaining ground in every area, from the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak to the promotion of healthcare services and support programs which exhibit exemplary models for others.”

The president shared his belief that the reconstruction of the new global and economic order, an imperative mandated by the pandemic, would hopefully incorporate all parts of humanity without discriminating on the basis of race, color, faith or culture. He further stated that “Türkiye has been making efforts to intellectually promote and effectively implement this approach both in the region and globally. We are well aware of the fact that we are in a position to warrant this pledge to humanity with our civilization, millennia-old traditions of statehood, and diversity-embracing cultural background.”
Image of President Erdogan Inaugurates Devegeçidi Bridge Linking Turkey’s Eastern Provinces