Saudi Abdulghani Hussain Group to invest in housing in Bursa

Dunya - Saudi Arabia-based Abdulghani Hussain Group will push the button for a new investment after it commissioned Wam Asansor in Bursa in order to produce lifts and escalators for the entire world. The group, currently in quest of land in Bursa to generate housing projects, will make an investment worth USD 5 million for the time being.


Abdulghani Hussain, Chairman of the Saudi Arabia-based group recalled that the group, which currently operates in the healthcare, lift production, education and services sectors and has various investments all over the world, first invested in Türkiye in connection with lift production. He said they mainly focused on automatic cabin production following their establishment and added, “After eight years, we are now capable of manufacturing 80 percent of Bursa’s lift requirement, whereas we supply the remaining 20 percent, i.e. engines, rails and cable channels, from other companies.”