Sputnik V Vaccine to be Produced in Türkiye

​Türkiye's Viscoran İlaç and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) have agreed to collaborate on the production of Sputnik V, the world's first licensed vaccine against coronavirus, in Türkiye.​

"Viscoran İlac has made preparations for the production of Sputnik V in the coming months at several enterprises," RDIF announced.

Viscoran İlaç also offers assistance in forming relationships with other leading local pharmaceutical producers as part of the arrangement with RDIF. The technology transition is currently being finalized with a company and talks with two other production facilities are underway to expand total capacity.

In addition to production agreements, licensing processes as well as storage and distribution matters, the execution of some clinical studies on the product is also part of cooperation with Russia for the Sputnik V vaccine. 

Sputnik V has been registered in 61 countries globally covering a total population of over 3 billion people. Based on a study of coronavirus infection rates, the Sputnik V vaccine showed effectiveness of 97.6 percent.​​
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