The Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports Türkiye’s government

The Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) published on their website a message related to the failed coup attempt in Türkiye and its impact on Turkish-British economic relations. The Board of Directors of TBCCI wholeheartedly condemned the coup attempt and reaffirmed their support for Türkiye’s democratically elected government.


Chairman of TBCCI, Emma Edhem, said that stability and order returned quickly, which has allowed business activities to resume fully in the aftermath of the attempt. She expressed that despite these events there is still great potential for UK-Türkiye business relationships, adding that TBCCI is committed to supporting existing and new opportunities.


There are around 3,000 British companies investing in Türkiye. The stock value of the companies’ combined investments is USD 21 billion, making the UK the second largest investing country in Türkiye, according to Necmettin Kaymaz from ISPAT.


Stating that Türkiye has a bright future, Patrick Regis, who serves as Rolls Royce Türkiye CEO and also on TBCCI’s Board of Directors, said that Rolls-Royce has a long-term strategy in Türkiye and that it will not change its plans in moments of instability.


Similarly, Vodafone Global CEO, Vittorio Colao, acknowledged that the Vodafone group is a continual and long-term investor in Türkiye and that it is proud of its activities in the country.


Moreover, David Walker, the Chairman of international property company Spot Blue and also a TBCCI Board member, said that Türkiye has come a long way from 2003. Since that time the economic performance has improved immensely and continues to do so. He added that Türkiye is a resilient, growing country that does not, and will not, stand still. After 16 years of investment in the country, Spot Blue will continue to invest there.

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