Toyota Begins Mass Production of New Corolla Hybrid in Türkiye

Starting next year, Japanese automotive giant Toyota will begin mass production of its new Corolla hybrid in Türkiye. The hybrid version of the automaker's iconic Corolla will make its global debut when it rolls off the production line in Türkiye in Q1 2019.


Toyota Corolla’s hybrid version will benefit from Türkiye’s newly-unveiled special consumption tax incentive, becoming a source of pride for Türkiye and a driving force for Toyota in today’s highly-competitive auto market.


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the new fuel-efficient model will be exported to 100 countries from Türkiye. “I had the opportunity to drive Toyota Corolla’s sedan hybrid. A hybrid car of this type will be produced in Türkiye for the first time. Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming widespread and are replacing conventional engines. With these new models of hybrid vehicles, which provide fuel savings of up to 50 percent, Türkiye will see declines in fuel imports and thus reduce its foreign trade deficit,” said Varank.

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