Toyota to hire an additional 2,000 employees in Türkiye

AA - CEO of Toyota Türkiye Hiroshi Kato said that they will kick-off the production of the new Toyota C-HR SUV by the end of 2016 and employ an additional 2,000 people in the process. Currently, the Corolla and Verso models of Toyota are being produced in Türkiye; C-HR will be the third. This new model will also be the first hybrid crossover model to be produced in Türkiye.


Toyota Türkiye increased its annual production capacity to 280.000 units from 150,000. The company invested EUR 350 million for the C-HR model, bringing the company’s total investment amount in Türkiye to EUR 1.7 billion.


Kato also drew attention to the importance of the future Karasu Port, being built in Sakarya province close to their factory. He said that the Toyota factory will reach 100 percent capacity in 2017 and that they plan to use Karasu Port, once it is finished, to ramp up exports to Ukraine and Russia.

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