Türkiye Aims to Up Gold Production Volume to 100 Tons

​​Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez shared the newest information on Türkiye’s gold production. 

Emphasizing that the gold production in Türkiye reached 38 tons in 2019, Minister Dönmez stated that the goal is to boost the volume up to 44-45 tons of gold in 2021. “Furthermore, it is our main intention to reach 100 tons of gold production per year in the next five years,” he added. 

Türkiye imports 130-160 tons of gold every year. The amount we pay is actually over USD 8 to 10 billion. In 2020, the price we paid for gold imports in the first six months was USD 11 billion. Türkiye can reduce its import expenses, Minister Dönmez stated. 

Dönmez also said the boost in gold production will also enable Türkiye’s jewelry industry, which has already been in good shape. Yet no efforts to produce gold were made until the 2000s. 
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