Türkiye Commemorates July 15 Martyrs on 5th Anniversary

​​Türkiye marked the 5th anniversary of the failed coup attempt that took place on July 15, 2016, with a number of memorial activities for the martyrs who had confronted the heinous coup plotters. 

Addressing guests and the families of the victims in a commemoration ceremony in the Parliament, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan remembered those who lost their lives on the night of July 15. “July 15 marks the victory of our nation, our national will, and the victory of those who believe in democracy. July 15 represents the victory of the truth over lies, the victory of justice over oppression, and the victory of freedom over humiliation. With the resistance showed on July 15, our nation both repelled a putsch and thwarted an attempt of invasion,” President Erdoğan said. 

President Erdoğan then moved on to participate in the commemoration held for July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day and the opening ceremony of the July 15 Democracy Museum. 

Praising the Turkish nation for heroically standing up against the coup plotters with their own bare hands, President Erdoğan said, “Our people do not forgive treachery, traitors, or those who back them, or those conspirators who seek political gains by supposedly using them in their own way. That is why we say that we will continue our struggle no matter what until the last FETO is neutralized, brought to justice and stopped from being a burden on our country and nation.” ​​

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