Türkiye is Well Prepared to Face Covid-19 Pandemic

​Thanks to the great transformation it has made in the fields of services and infrastructure during the last 17 years, Türkiye is well prepared to face Covid-19 pandemic.

Türkiye has a very strong healthcare system with more than 1,500 hospitals and 1.1 million health employees including more than 160 thousand doctors.

The number of hospital beds in Türkiye exceeds 240 thousand, of which 100 thousand are single-patient rooms and 40 thousand are intensive care units.

Türkiye's healthcare expenditures had a 14 percent CAGR during the last 6 years.

During the last 10 years, Türkiye has accelerated the roll out of PPP city hospitals across the country. 12 of the total 22 of the projected city hospitals have been launched so far. These city hospitals will have more than 30 thousand beds, including 5,200 thousand intensive care units. As part of the stimulus package, 32,000 new healthcare professionals will be employed soon.

Policies implemented by the Turkish government support the manufacturing of the private sector while ensuring continuous services in health, education, and social security.​​​​

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