Türkiye’s Largest Aerial Event Takes Place for Second Time

The second edition of TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival, organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology took place on September 17-22 in Istanbul. Türkiye's most extensive festival covering aerospace, space, and technology events, TEKNOFEST lasted 6 days and boasted attendance of 1.7 million tech-focused people from various global and domestic companies, universities, and public institutions.

​The Investment Office was one of the various stakeholders of the event, which featured the Take-Off International Startup Summit, the HackIstanbul Contest, World Drone Cup, and competitions such as the Smart Places Hackathon, Robotics, Unmanned Underwater Systems, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

On the occasion of TEKNOFEST 2019, the cutting-edge and brand-new vehicles of the Turkish Air Force were showcased. The aerobatic demonstration team SOLOTURK also performed flight shows during the festival.

Speaking at TEKNOFEST, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized the importance of technology, stating that Türkiye wants to be a producer of new technologies in this period of technological transformation rather than simply being a market for them.

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