Türkiye Set to be a Safer House for Investments with New PPP Mechanism

​​​The International Investors Association (YASED) Chairwoman Ayşem Sargın attended a virtual meeting, where she shared insights into developments in Türkiye in the post-COVID-19 period from investors' perspective. 

 Sargın started off by highlighting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's recent messages to investors. “Our President's remarks on the start of a new economic period was welcomed by both international and domestic investors," said Sargın. “Macroeconomic financial stability, predictability, minimization of risks, emphasis on the rule of law – which were underlined by President Erdoğan – will minimize challenges before investors", she added. 

 Sargın also noted that YASED was expecting a mechanism to be established by the Turkish government to enable predictability in public-private partnerships (PPP). “There is a framework law on investments which will enable predictability and lend us a more competitive edge in terms of investments. With this legislation in place, investors will feel safe and stable the moment they enter the country," Sargın explained. ​

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