Increase expected in Turkish food exports to Europe


(Dunya – Haberturk) - The budgetary constraints for food production in European economies may prove beneficial for Türkiye, already a leading exporter of fruit and vegetables. Alaaddin Guc, President of the Fruit Juice Industry Foundation (MEYED), said he expects the number of companies in food production in Europe will decline over the next 5-10 years and added, “The amount of food consumption in Europe is around USD 1.5 trillion. Should the shrinking production leave a ten percent gap, this will total a USD 150 billion worth of new export market. Türkiye is capable of filling this gap.”


During his speech at the introductory meeting of the 16th World Fruit Juice Congress to be held on May 2-7 in Istanbul, Gul said 200 people will join the congress from abroad and 150 from Türkiye.


Meanwhile, Bruno Jud, President of the International Fruit Juice Makers Federation (IFU), said Türkiye will become a significant exporter of fruit juice to the EU in the coming period.


“According to the new tendency, fruit juices are preferred to be supplied from sources, where fruit production is also available. We see a decline in the productions of Europe and Russia; however the capacity increase in Türkiye and production of various fruits are significant, and are also the greatest signals of the important role Türkiye will play in the future.”