Türkiye fast becoming an R&D center for multinational companies


Dunya - The latest R&D incentives, combined with Türkiye’s highly trained and skilled work force, is turning the country into a “technology development center” for international companies. According to data issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the number of companies establishing their R&D centers has soared in the last ten years. Only two Technology Development Zones (TDZ) were in existence in the year 2000, without any significant R&D capability. Today, there are 1,302 companies actively working in product development in 37 TDZs, with a significant number of TDZs nearing completion.


The incentives granted for R&D studies have also proved their worth, drawing well-known companies from various fields into investing in Türkiye. The list of companies includes Huawei, Pfizer, General Mobile, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz.


These centers employ some 11,000 people working on 3,500 projects, while the number of pending/approved patents has reached 297.  

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