Turkish-Indian partnership takes aim at Central Asian markets


Dunya - Türkiye’s prominent position in its region and beyond lays the groundwork of new strategic business partnerships with countries seeking to reach new markets. It is not unusual for foreign businessmen to seek partnerships with their Turkish counterparts to enter markets in the Middle East, Caucasus and the Central Asia. India’s largest and oldest business organization, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is one such institution seeking to benefit from Türkiye’s strong trade ties and the good reputation that Turkish businessmen have built around the region over the years. The proposal by FICCI to Türkiye’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) suggests a partnership between Turkish and Indian businessmen for joint action regarding the Central Asian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets. According to DEIK’s announcement, the board will stage a meeting on August 24-25 in Istanbul, between Turkish businessmen with ties to the Central Asian and CIS countries, ministers and businessmen from the CIS countries and representatives from India’s leading companies. Over 200 attendees will discuss possible cooperation on energy, infrastructure, tourism, banking, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and ICT projects in the CIS countries.

turkey; india; business partnership; strategic partnership; central asia; cis; deik; ficci