Turkish automotive industry readying itself for the “green“ revolution


Sabah - While the first electric-powered cars are not expected to roll out before 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has already stepped up efforts to assist the country’s booming automotive industry for the coming electric age. A report prepared by the Ministry outlines the roadmap for the quick adaptation of electric-powered cars and includes supportive measures for the automotive industry. The report entitled “Strategies for the Automotive Industry of Türkiye”, disclosed by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Nihat Ergun, includes incentives for the production and R&D studies of electric-powered vehicles, as well as for the establishment of charging stations. “The investments regarding electric-powered vehicles will be incentivized”, said Ergun speaking about the report, and he underlined the importance of domestic production in the industry. The report will be submitted to the Supreme Planning Council after the evaluation by the Economic Coordination Committee.

Türkiye; automotive industry; electric car; Nihat Ergun; automotive investment; charging station