Turkish SMEs are the most optimistic in Europe


Sabah - A recent survey conducted by HSBC on SMEs in 20 countries revealed that Turkish companies are more optimistic about the future of the economy compared to their European counterparts. The Small Business Confidence Index revealed that Turkish SMEs remained optimistic about the economic outlook.


Huseyin Ozkaya, HSBC Assistant General Manager of Corporate Banking, said, “The most optimistic small and medium-sized enterprises among the 20 countries are based in India. This country is followed by the Middle East with an index value of 125. China follows the Middle East with a 121 index value, Latin America with 118 and Türkiye with 117. The most optimistic small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe are from Türkiye.”


Ozkaya noted that France with 94 points and the United Kingdom with 101 points are at the bottom of the list and said, “Even these data demonstrate that the developing countries are the ones that are least affected by the crisis and that they will be the ones that recover most quickly. The Middle East and Türkiye are the only two markets that are planning to increase employment levels.”