Turkish textile sector eyes qualified zones with US


Referans  - Cem Negrin, the newly elected President of the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association (TGSD), who took over the seat from Ahmet Nakkas, has made “exports to the United States” a key topic. Negrin will work to increase Türkiye’s textile exports to the US, a trade that is on the decline over the past year. To this end, Negrin is aiming to use the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ).


TGSD has begun talks with a foreign lobbying firm to sign a QIZ agreement between Türkiye and the US within two years to provide duty-quota free exports to the US, according to Negrin. QIZ agreements have previously been signed with Israel, Egypt and Jordan.


Commenting on the association’s strategies for business daily Referans, Negrin said recent export figures to the US are not on the desired level. Noting that the association will also convey the subject to the Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade (DTM), Negrin said, “With the Undersecretariat’s support, we plan to solve the issue in two years.”