Türkiye Records a Peak in M&A Transactions in 2021

​Every crisis represents just as many opportunities as they do challenges, and diverts market actors to adapt changing circumstances. Last year was an example of this stemming from the pandemic, and Türkiye exhibited immense resilience and broke records in multiple sectors.

In the “Mergers and Acquisitions Outlook Report" published by the Turkish Competition Authority, 309 M&A transactions occurred in 2021 in Türkiye, out of these 118 transactions targeted Turkish companies with an investment of TRY 42.57 billion, while 7 privatizations amounted TRY 95 billion during the same period. All reunited, 125 transactions targeting Turkish companies were registered in total in 2021, valuing TL 137.6 billion.

Reinforcing that data, Deloitte's “Annual Turkish M&A Review 2021" report unveiled the total deal value to GDP in Türkiye in 2021 has reached 1.6 percent, which was 1.3 percent in 2020. Türkiye's technology, internet/mobile service, gaming, manufacturing, and financial service sectors were all ahead regarding deal number. Likewise, its e-commerce (namely decacorn Trendyol and megacorn Getir), manufacturing, financial service, energy, and consumer good(s) sectors were also ahead of the game in terms of deal volume.

Last but not least, the KPMG' “M&A Trends 2021" report stated M&A volume has soared worldwide, touching a peak of USD 5.1 trillion, over the last twenty years. Fueling that, KPMG believes, are liquidity abundance policies, the financial investors' rising investment appetites, sectoral consolidation, and supply chain restructuring.

Türkiye's information and communication technologies, automotive, logistics, and life sciences sectors are all expected to dominate 2022 in terms of mergers and acquisitions.​

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