Türkiye Records Highest Monthly July Exports in its History

​Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat unveiled the latest foreign trade figures of Türkiye in the first week of August.

Accordingly, Türkiye‘s exports in July 2023 increased by 8.4 percent y-o-y reaching USD 20.1 billion, marking the highest monthly July export figure in the country’s history. Foreign trade volume increased 10 percent, reaching USD 52.6 billion in the same period.

Germany headed the top three export destinations list of Türkiye with USD 1.7 billion, followed by Italy and the United States both with USD 1.1 billion.

In July 2023, Türkiye’s TRY denominated exports increased 110 percent y-o-y, covering 157 countries and 5,517 companies.

Commenting on the figures, Minister Bolat said, “We will continue to increase employment with value-added production and exports to ensure sustainability in welfare of our citizens.”
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