US companies see Türkiye as a bridge to Eurasia and the Middle East


Hurriyet Daily News - Companies in the United States wish to form partnerships with Turkish companies with the aim of trading in Eurasia and the Middle East, according to Ugur Terzioglu, President of the Turkish-American Business Association (TABA). “With model partnerships, we may double the trade volume between the US and Türkiye next year from its current level of USD 15 billion”, said Terzioglu in a written statement.


Mentioning the steps taken during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington on December 7, Terzioglu stated that the bilateral foreign trade volume surpassed USD 15 billion last year. “The US ranks 8th in Türkiye’s exports, and 4th in its imports”, Terzioglu underlined.


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the US have “discovered Türkiye,” he stated. “They have seen the advantages of doing business with third parties through Türkiye. Next year, such cooperation will increase”, Terzioglu added. “Türkiye is an important bridge that can help US companies open up to the Middle East and Eurasia”, he added.