Viva Technology 2024

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Investment Office Attends Viva Technology 2024 with a Delegation of 16 Inn​ovative Turkish Startups

Investment Office is pleased to announce its participation in Viva Technology 2024, a premier global event for technology and innovation, to be held in Paris on May 22-25, 2024. Invest in Türkiye will present a delegation of 16 groundbreaking startups, each poised to revolutionize industries and drive technological advancement.

Viva Technology serves as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and investment, bringing together visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from around the world. Türkiye's presence at the event underscores its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting Türkiye's vibrant innovation ecosystem on the global stage.

Invest in Türkiye’s delegation comprises startups spanning diverse sectors, including artificial intelligence, cyber security, mobility, consumer insights, digital banking, AI based content creation, smart charging solutions, augmented reality, client management, manufacturing optimization, digital marketing, and wellness. Each startup offers unique solutions that address critical challenges and drive positive change in their respective fields.

  • Academic Sight develops quality control on production lines with InspectAI, a real-time system utilizing image processing and deep learning algorithms to detect defects without disrupting workflow.
  • Adastec develops level-4 automated transportation platforms for full-size commercial vehicles, deploying sensor-based automated buses and open mobility platforms.
  • Adlema designs leak-testing devices using the pressure drop method, providing sealing solutions and precise measurements for the manufacturing sector.
  • Bolt Insight offers an end-to-end consumer insight platform, transforming data into actionable insights through custom research and advanced analytics.
  • Counterfake develops counterfeit detection software powered by artificial intelligence, protecting customers and profits by identifying duplicate products online.
  • Cypien AI harnesses Generative AI technologies to deliver customized content, visual production, and data analysis solutions, empowering businesses with enhanced productivity.
  • Enqura provides digital banking and insurance platforms, offering end-to-end solutions for finance and insurance sectors with innovative digital transformation solutions.
  • Fileorbis develops on-premise file management software, enabling secure file access, authorization management, and file sharing for businesses.
  • Novus AI offers a media creation platform using AI to enhance productivity and creativity in content creation, improving the quality and efficiency of writing tasks.
  • Orbina AI operates an AI platform for visual and written content production, offering services such as interactive chatbots and content creation using AI tools.
  • Powea develops smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, optimizing charging with renewable energy resources and providing real-time monitoring for efficient charging.
  • Qreal creates lifelike AR models for various industries, expanding the medium of augmented reality to enhance brand experiences.
  • Segmentify provides client management software to optimize conversion rates and boost sales through insights and real-time analytics for e-commerce managers.
  • Simularge offers SaaS solutions for data collection, monitoring, and optimization of manufacturing processes, using AI and simulation algorithms to streamline operations.
  • Venuex develops a digital marketing strategy platform to drive foot traffic and increase sales for brick-and-mortar businesses by promoting in-store inventory online.
  • Vivoo offers a wellness application for personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice based on urine sample analysis, empowering users to track and improve their health.

Investment Office invites all attendees of Viva Technology 2024 to visit the Invest in Türkiye booth and explore the innovative solutions presented by these dynamic startups.

Invest in Türkiye

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