PSA Türkiye Head: Türkiye’s auto market cannot be overlooked

Hurriyet - Türkiye’s new incentive package, expected to be introduced in the first months of 2012, once again has many international companies to consider the country as a production base. Among them, the French automotive manufacturing group PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) which had shortlisted Türkiye for a car manufacturing investment in 2008 but ultimately went for a capacity increase in one of its European plants as a result of the global financial crisis.

“As of January 1, Peugeot has designated Türkiye as a fast growing market in the Mediterranean on par with Brazil, Russia, China and India. The company will consider its investment schedule based on the Turkish government’s new incentive package, as Türkiye can no longer be neglected as an auto market,” Peugeot Türkiye’s newly appointed head Marc Bergeretti said.

Local automotive producers Tofas and Karsan manufacture three different types of light commercial vehicles (LCV) for the PSA Group in their plants in Bursa, northwestern Türkiye. “Türkiye tops the list of countries that the PSA Group will consider in case our European plants experience capacity problems. The PSA Group uses Turkish suppliers for LCV production, as well as parts procurement that reach EUR 90 million annually, meaning our head office in France is well aware of Türkiye’s importance,” said Bergeretti, adding that Türkiye’s position in the Mediterranean basin has changed considerably during the last decade and that Turkish-made goods are highly sought after for their quality. “Peugeot will continue to closely monitor Türkiye’s auto market and develop plans accordingly,” he noted.

Automotive companies in Türkiye including Ford, Renault, Toyota, Hyundai and Honda produced over 1.2 million vehicles in 2011.
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