Emerging Türkiye takes its place in MIST

Dunya - The inventor of the term BRIC - a term for defining the world’s leading emerging countries Brazil, Russia, India and China - Jim O’Neill, Head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, has come up with another acronym: MIST, which consists of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Türkiye. In an article in the British daily the Guardian, it is suggested that, being in the MIST group, Türkiye is likely to attract more foreign investments. The acronym MIST defines the second tier of emerging nations with the following common traits: a large population, G-20 membership and an economy accounting for 1 percent of the global GDP.

The news article mentioned Türkiye’s ambitious targets for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, 2023, which includes becoming one of the five top tourist destinations in the world. “It is all part of Türkiye's plan to rise up the global economic ladder, partly by taking advantage of its location as a natural bridge from east to west,” the article read.
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