Wind energy production tripled

Dunya - Wind energy production increased by 195 percent in Türkiye last year. Türkiye, having produced 147 megawatts (MW) of wind energy by the end of 2007, reached 433 MWs of capacity with 286 MWs realized last year. According to the European Wind Energy Union (EWEA) data, Türkiye having ranked 16th in Europe in 2007 year-end results, advanced to 14th position at the end of last year getting ahead of Belgium and Norway. While the world leader Germany ranks first in European wind energy production with 23,903 MWs, Spain followed Germany with 16,754 MWs and Italy with 3,736 MWs. Other countries leading wind energy production in Europe are France with 3,404 MWs, Britain with 3,241 MWs, Denmark with 3,180 MWs and Poland with 2,862 MWs. Other European countries getting ahead of Türkiye in wind energy are Holland with 2, 225 MWs, Sweden with 1021 MWs, Ireland with 1002 MWs, Austria with 995 MWs, Greece with 985 MWs and Portugal with 472 MWs. The European Wind Energy Union announced wind power stations ranked first in Europe in electric energy production and 57, 139 MWs of wind energy production recorded at the end of 2007 reached 65,947 MWs at the end of last year. According to the data, 20 wind turbines are activated in Europe in each working day, while the installed wind energy capacity corresponds to 54,2 percent of the overall wind energy.