Tourist arrivals in first half reach 13 million

Bloomberg HT - The first half of 2011 proved a success for Turkey’s tourism industry as the number of foreign visitors to the Mediterranean’s tourist hotspot reached over 13 million, an increase of 12 percent over the same period of the previous year, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism website.

When split into nationalities, Germans made up 14.7 percent of Turkey’s guests in the January-June period, followed by Russians (11.4 percent), Britons (7.4 percent) and Iranians (7 percent).

Antalya remained the most popular port of entry to Turkey during the first half of the year, as 32.3 percent of arrivals were handled by the coastal city’s air or maritime ports. Some 27 percent of tourists used Istanbul as a gateway to Turkey, while the border city of Edirne processed 8.8 percent of foreign visitor entries.

Turkey expects to host some 30 million foreign tourists in 2011.
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