Vodafone Türkiye CEO Vitai: "We have long-term plans for Türkiye"

Referans - The United Kingdom-based GSM operator Vodafone attained YTL 21.25 billion in turnover worldwide in 2007. During the same period, Türkiye supplied 12 percent of the company's aggregate revenue by providing a turnover of YTL 2.6 billion. Through its acquisitions in Türkiye and India, Vodafone's revenues rose 16 percent compared to the last quarter of 2006, Vodafone Türkiye CEO Atilla Vitai said Thursday at a press conference on the company's performance and its targets for 2008. Vodafone Türkiye gained 3 million new subscribers last year and obtained a 26 percent growth. The number of Vodafone subscribers in Türkiye reached 16.1 million, meaning Türkiye has climbed to rank second after Egypt in terms of the increase in the number of subscribers. The company has invested over $4.5 billion since its entry to the Turkish market, said Vitai, adding that the figure will rise to $5.4 billion by the end of the year. “We do not plan to send this money back to the United Kingdom. We have increased our market share by 2.5 percent within the last two years,” said Vitai. They have far greater plans than just increasing our market share here. “Besides increasing our market share, we also are looking to change people's mindset and win them over. We have long-term plans for Türkiye. We are determined,” Vitai said.