Pirelli lives up to its “Turkish Chairman” tradition

Hurriyet - Preparing to celebrate its 50th year in Türkiye, Italian tire maker Pirelli has lived up to its tradition and chosen a Turkish national as the head of its Turkish branch. Executive President of Garanti Yatirim, Metin Ar, will be the new Chairman of Turk Pirelli Lastikleri A.S., established in 1960. Andrea Pirondini, Managing Director of Turk Pirelli highlighted Türkiye’s importance in the Pirelli Group’s operations, saying “Türkiye is crucial both as a production center and as a market. The Pirelli plant in Kocaeli is of the highest quality as regards production.” He added, “We provide know-how to engineers and workers from the Kocaeli plant through training programs in Italy. A team consisting primarily of Turkish, Italian and Brazilian engineers tour our production plants worldwide, giving training on new technologies as well as R&D.”