Türkiye may take part in South Stream gas pipeline

Reuters - Türkiye may take a role in the South Stream gas pipeline to Europe, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Russia's top energy official, told Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz that Türkiye is welcome to participate in the South Stream project, which aims to transport Russian gas under the Black Sea through Eastern Europe to Austria and Italy. "We hope that the Turkish side will look into our proposal, enabling us to cooperate further and making our offer more attractive and clear to our partners" Sechin told reporters in Moscow after the meeting with Yildiz. However, details of the offer were not disclosed. Yildiz said Türkiye will review all the offers at hand, but added that Nabucco and South Stream are not competitors in Türkiye's view. "The projects are not considered as competitors to each other. Each one has its own course of development" said Yildiz, according to Interfax.