Energy strategy under revision

Turkish Daily News - The Energy Ministry has prepared a new “road map” for privatization in energy and the use of domestic resources. To this end, the “Electrical Energy Sector Reform and Privatization Strategy Document,” prepared in 2004, is being revised. The ministry has sent the draft document to the Treasury, State Planning Organization, the Energy Market Regulation Agency and the Privatization Administration for further deliberation. The draft aims to enhance the free market environment in energy, complete privatizations, supply security and minimize foreign dependence on energy. It also aims to reduce electrical energy costs and maximize use of renewable sources. The document says nuclear power plants will have a share of at least 8% of electricity production by 2020. By 2030, the figure is planned to rise to 20%. The ministry also aims to increase renewable energy sources' share of electricity production to 25% by 2020. As a result, the share of natural gas in electricity production is planned to fall under 30 percent by the same year.