Intel to consider establishing an R&D center in Turkey

Milliyet - The world’s largest semiconductor producer, Intel, may invest in a research and development (R&) center in Turkey after a high-ranking executive’s visit to the country.

A trip to Turkey to closely observe the Turkish situation with regard to the latest trends in high-tech, convinced Intel’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Nancy Bhagat, that an R&D center in the country is an excellent investment opportunity.

“I was surprised to see the level of technology the Turkish people have in their lives,” said Bhagat after paying visits to many family homes in Istanbul and Trabzon. “Every household I have been to had at least one PC, a widescreen TV, and a smartphone. The PC is seen as an educative tool to help kids with their studies in Turkey, and technology is intensively used in people’s daily routine,” she added.

“Intel regards Turkey as a pioneering country with a capacity to influence other countries. In this context, our investments and growth in this country are very important, as the larger regional influence is certainly taken into consideration when an investment is on the table,” she said.

“Considering this regional influence and other factors like geographical advantage, fast technology adaption, the importance attached to communication, and the use of technology for educational purposes, the question of establishing an R&D center in Turkey will be discussed in Intel headquarters,” said the Intel executive, underlining that Turkey’s Fatih Project is a very significant leap for the country’s education system. The Fatih Project aims to improve the quality of education by supplying high-tech equipment to schools and students. The project involves the production of 16 million tablet PCs to be distributed to primary education students.

Intel is involved in R&D projects in Turkey through its supply of equipment and support to the Middle East Technical University (METU) and Bilkent University.
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