Türkiye’s exports poised to hit new record

Sabah – Türkiye’s soaring exports is expected to surpass the year’s annual target volume of USD 150 billion, according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) data. The recently released figures for November show that the country shipped over USD 12.7 billion of goods overseas, a net increase of 20 percent over the same month of 2011. The year’s overall export volume has surpassed 139 billion while year-on-year toll has already hit USD 151.5 billion.

“Judging by the strong performance during the first 11 months, we are in a position to easily reach this year’s USD 150 billion goal.” according to Mehmet Buyukeksi, TIM Chairman. Speaking at Sakarya Chamber of Trade and Industry, Buyukeksi said that increasing exports were also a key driver of the country’s continuous growth.

“Partial recovery in the EU and targeting alternative markets are paying huge dividends as observed by last month’s data…”, TIM Chairman said. Despite the ongoing Eurozone debt crisis, EU still remains the primary buyer of Turkish goods with Germany being the biggest importer with USD 1.2 billion. Automotive industry took the lion’s share in the country’s exports in November, total worth of vehicles and spare parts reaching USD 1.7 billion.

Over the last couple of years Türkiye’s export markets have markedly diversified with the African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian buyers increasing their shares in the emerging country’s exports.

Exports to the African countries have increased by 34 percent in November while Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets received 24 percent more Turkish-made goods with respect to the preceding year.

Reaching an export volume of USD 500 billion by 2023 is among the targets set for the centennial of the Republic.

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