Türkiye to drive regional retail growth

Sabah - Türkiye will be dominating the market in the Middle East within two years, according to a report by the Indian research and analysis company RNCOS. Analyzing Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, the UAE, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Türkiye, the company reached the conclusion that Türkiye will be a model country for growth in the region’s thriving retail sector. Türkiye’s growing population with increasing spending power is the main reason behind the findings of the “Middle East Retail Sector Forecast to 2013” report.

The region’s retail sector is expected to grow by 13 percent by 2013, amounting to USD 675 billion. The report highlights Türkiye’s impressive growth rates in recent years and estimates a 7 percent annual growth for the country in the next two years. “Türkiye’s organized retail space availability and diverse retail formats are important factors in making the country a key for growth in the region’s retail sector,” the report stated.
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