Vodafone Türkiye sees record growth

Habertürk - British communications provider Vodafone’s Turkish branch has registered an increase of around 32 percent in revenue, making the unit the fastest growing branch in the group’s European operations.

According to a quarterly assessment from Vodafone Türkiye, the company’s 4th quarter revenue rose by 31.7 percent over the same period of the previous year. The statement from the company indicates that Vodafone Türkiye increased its net income throughout the year, 31.3 percent in the 1st, 23.7 percent in the 2nd and 29.5 percent in the 3rd quarter.

Adding 1 million new subscribers to its user base last year, Vodafone Türkiye provides telecom services to 16.7 million subscribers, with 4.1 million comprising contract users.
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