New York Times: A bright future for Türkiye

The New York Times - According to an article penned by Parag Khanna lat week, even if Türkiye does not become a member of the EU at all it will become ever more Europeanized in the future. Türkiye receives more than $20 billion in foreign investment and more than 20 million tourists every year, the vast majority of both from EU countries. Ninety percent of the Turkish diaspora lives in Western Europe and sends home another $1 billion per year in remittances and investments. This remitted capital is spreading growth and development eastward in the form of new construction ventures, kilim factories and schools. With the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU a year ago, Türkiye now physically borders the EU, symbolizing how Türkiye is becoming a part of the European superpower, said Khanna to support his thesis. In reference to a Turkish analyst, he also claimed that Türkiye no longer needs US support for its EU bid. “America always says it lobbies the EU on our behalf but all that does is make the EU more stringent. We don’t need that kind of help anymore,” Khanna quoted a Turkish analyst as saying.