Countdown begins for Türkiye’s first Apple store

Milliyet - Türkiye's first Apple store will soon open its doors to the public in Zorlu Center, located in Gayrettepe, Istanbul. With its eye-catchy cubic glass ceiling architecture, the store has already been introduced to members of the press prior to the public opening.


Steve Cano, Apple Vice President of Stores Worldwide, said the Apple Store in Zorlu Center is the company’s first store in Türkiye and added, “Istanbul is the gateway between Asia and Europe, and is also home to people who are keen on technology. This store is the 424th within our global store chain, which spans 15 different countries. We are excited to be in Istanbul and Türkiye.” Cano stated that Apple stores are also café-style venues, which globally attract 1 million people every day.


According to Cano, the 100 employees in the Istanbul store have undergone a year of training on the products in anticipation of the opening. Cano said, “There are a total of 20 Turkish executives working at Apple stores around the world, and we have benefitted from their experiences for this store.”

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