Turkish subsidiary propels Vodafone’s global growth

Sabah - British mobile operator Vodafone’s Turkish division has contributed to the telecom giant’s global growth with its exemplary performance during the last 2.5 years. Vodafone Türkiye’s 10 percent growth average in the last 10 consecutive quarters has made the company a source of inspiration in the group, according to CEO Serpil Timuray. Timuray, briefing the press on the company’s 2011-2012 fiscal year first quarter results, said that Vodafone Türkiye broke a series of records during its rapid growth trajectory observed in the last two years.

“Recently commenced operations excluded, Vodafone Türkiye has become the fastest growing operator in Vodafone Global. Vodafone Türkiye is also Türkiye’s fastest growing telecom operator with a rate of 32.1 percent, reaching an all-time high in service revenues,” Vodafone Türkiye’s CEO noted. Vodafone Türkiye comes 8th in the global group’s turnover ranking and has the 7th largest subscriber base.

Vodafone’s Turkish subscribers rank third after Indian and Egyptian users in terms of mobile call duration. The average monthly mobile call length in Türkiye is around 260 minutes per subscriber. Eighty-six percent of the calls made in the country go through mobile networks.
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