Airex Istanbul overtakes UK’s Farnborough Airshow

Radikal - Mint Exhibition’s Board Manager Feyzan Erel said that Airex Istanbul 2010 surpassed the largest air show organizations in the world with the number of civilian aircraft put on display and that USD 4 billion worth of purchase deals took place during the four day event.

As a civil only air show, the Airex Istanbul 2010 has managed to attract 170 participants from over 30 countries.

Noting that the number of civilian aircraft exhibited at the fair exceeded that of Farnborough in the UK and the Air Show in Singapore, Erel said that Türkiye’s booming aviation and air transportation industries as well as Istanbul’s transformation to a transit hub for international flights were largely attributed to the success of the event. “As the investments in the aviation industry increase, Türkiye will further assert its location as a transit route and serve as a bridge to connect surrounding countries to the world”, he concluded.
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