Türkiye’s steel output climbs to global 8th

Dünya – Türkiye’s steel output has grown strongly last year, securing the country the 8th place among the top producers of the backbone material of the economy. The global steel output has reached 1.54 billion tons in 2012, according to the World Steel Association, which calculated Türkiye’s production to be at 35.9 million tons, up 5.2 percent over a year earlier.

Climbing two spots up from its previous 10th place, Türkiye replaced Brazil and Ukraine in steel production in 2012, increasing its share in global output to 2.3 percent from 2011’s 2.2 percent.

Ranking 15th in the global steel producing countries list just a decade ago, Türkiye’s robust growth in steel output in recent years made the country surpass major industrial nations such as Canada, Spain, French, Italy and Taiwan in terms of production.

The latest foreign investor in the country’s steel sector is the South Korean Posco, currently building a cold-rolled stainless steel plant with a worth of USD 350 million in Kocaeli, western Türkiye.

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