FT: Türkiye is attractive for pharmaceutical investments

Cumhuriyet – Dunya - The Financial Times has said that seven countries, including Türkiye, will grow significantly, thus accounting for 50 percent of the global growth. Accordingly, seven countries namely Türkiye, China, Brazil, Mexico, India, South Korea and Russia, called “Pharmemerging Markets” by IMS Health, will grow by 13-14 percent in 2009, accounting for a 50 percent stake in the global growth. IMS also expects similar growth rates for the upcoming five-year period. Meanwhile, Haruo Naito, CEO of Japanese pharmaceuticals company Eisai, said, “We are interested in the emerging markets, including Türkiye.” Naito stated that they have almost completed their investments in the US and Europe, noting that they are currently in search of new land for the proposed investment. The statements of Naito reflect the geographical diversity strategy recently adopted by a number of international pharmaceuticals companies.