German minister: Türkiye's EU accession will stabilize region

Hurriyet Daily News - Türkiye's accession to the EU will stabilize the world's most delicate region and be a source of motivation for neighboring countries, according to the German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul. Speaking at a conference organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Association at Bilgi University in Istanbul on Monday, Wieczorek-Zeul extended support to Türkiye's EU bid and said Europe and Türkiye will be stronger together. She referred to the attention paid by the Middle Eastern countries and Türkiye’s other neighbors to Türkiye’s EU membership. “Türkiye has a say in several key organizations, such as the Group of 20 and NATO. This underlines Türkiye’s importance in respect of hot international topics”, she said. “The relationship between Türkiye and the EU has been followed closely in its region. Our main aim is to support the EU process and to help reach an agreement. We will continue to support Türkiye’s membership bid.” German Minister Wieczorek-Zeul also said 22 out of 27 EU member states support Türkiye's accession to the EU, pointing out that the accession criteria are applied to all candidates alike and that these should not be misinterpreted.